Need Help Testing The Elechouse Tlg10ua03 Uart-wifi ?


After Midnight Thursday, 14 March 2013

Good Morning Hardware Team !

Last week I received my ElecHouse UART-WiFi Kit, and got it Connecting to my Home Router with help from Robot-Doc, who led me to the TLG10UA03,
ElecHouse UART-WiFi

I have attached my Screenshots and Test Procedure, "13-Mar-2013 ElecHouse WiFi UART Serial Terminal Loop-Back Test.doc", and my EZ-Builder File of the same name.

I am using DJ's New Serial Terminal within EZ-Builder; seems to WORK GREAT, but I need to learn MORE on its proper use ?

My Question is, Exactly Where Do I Loop-Back the WiFi Module; I tried Tx-to-Rx with No Success ?

Thank You All & Best Wishes,, 602-246-1246(H)



Hello DougPope,

Do you know anyway to hard reset to factory default the module ? I can't get access to it throuhg port COM anymore due to a wrong TCP setting. It's flashing like it is connected but it is not (I checked from the router).



Hi elfege,

I still struggling with mine. Frown
If you have the USB to UART connector.
You can use the UART-WIFI configurator and you
1. exit transparent transmission by pressing Exit.
2. You search again for the your module.
3. You can reset or simply change your configuration
4. Modify.

This is what I did with Mine.
However, I managed to configure it .

1. I can see it from the Router.
2. I can Access the webserver on the Module.
3. Not sure about how to connect it to EZ-B Card. GND-GND,VCC to VCC,TX to TX,RX to RX!
4. I did that but the white Led flashes and The WIFI card does not Success.

I am not sure what to do , but I will need some time or Someone from the community may jump in soon with an Idea.



The power and ground leads are correct but the Rx and Tx leads need to be reversed so that the WiFi Tx connects to EZ-B Rx and EZ-B Tx connects to WiFi Rx.


Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Afternoon El Fege !

Welcome to the UART-WiFi Club !

Mine works OK, but I like working with EZ-B better, because it's a better match to my current experience level. Beginner !

Please See The Long Posting Adding Wifi To One Of My Existing Ez-b's in Hardware ?

Thanks to Robot-Doc for talking me through the Final Test Procedure, I was able to learn A Lot !

NOON Thursday, 21 March 2013

Good Afternoon Hardware Team !

Last week I received my ElecHouse UART-WiFi Kit, and got it Connecting to my Home Router with help from Robot-Doc, who led me to the TLG10UA03, ElecHouse UART-WiFi !
ElecHouse UART-WiFi

This morning, Robot-Doc talked me through the ElecHouse UART-WiFi Test Procedure, and guess what, IT Now Works ! You can make something Fool Proof, but you can never make it DAMN FOOL PROOF !

The Procedure :

1-Applied 3.3 Volts to the UART-WiFi from Pins on the EZ-B.

2-Using Internet Explorer I immediately Logged In to its Local Router WebPage at its Default IP Address of

3-On its WebPage, Robot-Doc had me set the Default Baud Rate to Roomba's 57600, and Save It.

4-I then Enabled HW Virtual Serial Port to COM8, and Verified its presence in Device Manager.

5-I opened EZ-Builder's Serial Terminal to COM1 and using iRobot Create's DB-9 to Roomba Cable, I started receiving Roomba Battery Charging Data when I plugged the Roomba Charger directly into its side Charging Port.

6-I then disconnected EZ-Builder's Serial Terminal from COM1, and connected the UART-WiFi's Serial Cable to the Roomba.

7-Setting EZ-Builder's Serial Terminal to COM8, GOT ME LOTS OF ROOMBA BATTERY DATA, WIRELESSLY !

8-THANK YOU ROBOT-DOC !, 602-246-1246(H) El Fege, Please Call Me If I Can Help !


Concerning the power issue I connected the USB adapter to one of my USB ports on my battery so I have the right current needed.

I still don't know how to deal with HW Virtual port. I can't get a COM port to be created. It says it is connected to the Wifi module and then repeats the same sentence, something like "Sending do not disconnecte message" over and over; but no additional COM port in the device manager.

Once I succeed and if I succeed to get a new port, should I then connect EZ builder to EZ board through the same window connection window or should I use serial terminal ? ? I know absolutely nothing about COM ports, never had to use COM requests / codes before. What language am I suppose to use ? Do you know any lexic of COM codes that can be used ?

Thank you very much.

PS : for now I gave up on the wifi


Yes. Once you have a COM port for the WiFi module it's as simple as selecting that COM port in EZ-Builder connection dialogue. Adding the COM port seems to be the main issue that I've seen for the WiFi modules (and the challenge of doing so is a large part of the reason I ordered one).

However, and this may not work but I was thinking that since EZ-Builder can connect to another instance of EZ-Builder over a network by typing the IP address in the dropdown for connection, can you do that with the WiFi module? No COM port needed? Just an idea that's been in the back of my mind for a while.


If EZ builder can connect to another instance through IP then I don't need the wifi module since I wanted it only so I could do an IP forward and take control of the robot from any computer with EZ builder installed and of course a virtual port created. What you just mentioned raised my enthousiasm... how do you proceed ? I'm gonna try while you have time toanswer, you said : by typing the IP directlyinto the dropdown... humm... let's try.


You need to enable it in the connection settings, I forget what its called (server I think) on the EZ-Builder which connects to the ezb then any can connect with the IP.

DJ has done a video on it. I'm on my tablet in bed at the moment though (almost 4am here...) so can't look for it easily but have a look for it in his videos.