Easy Led Visual Test For Digital Ports Tutorial J Starnes


During my last setup with a h bridge I was frustrated and wish I could see if the ports were active at the time they were triggered but I don't have enough hands to hold a meter , not short something out and still toggle ports to troubleshoot my setup. So I wanted to share this idea. All you need is a servo connector or jumper cables. Cut off the red wire. Connect a left long lead ( pos) to the white and short lead to ground Ta DA! Easy
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Thank you Josh! for your generosity . The LEDS use very little power for testing UNLIKE servos, like I am using. Smile


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Good Morning Jeff Starnes, aka jStarn1 !

Your LED-Jumpers idea is GREAT ! What limits the LED Current to 5 or 10 Milliamps ?

Also, Your long list of projects is MOST Impressive !

If You would like a FREE Roomba to Hack, please call me ?

I would enjoy Chatting with you about EZ-B's !

Thank You & Best Wishes From Phoenix,

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P.S. I am still trying to purchase a Full Set of OSMO's, Both 400 & 500 Series for our local Washington High School Robotics Club ?


This is a great idea Josh!


Great idea Josh. Seeing the light come on is nice and makes it easy to troubleshoot. I should make me up a rig like that. What I usually do not all to free up my hand is too cut the female end off of a servo extension. Then I use an alligator clip jumpers to attach my meter. That is nice because I can see exactly what voltage I am getting. Sometimes it's important to know how much voltage you have and if it is positive or negative.

By the way did you ever get your H Bridge working?


A few H-BRIDGES comes with leds on board, 2 leds per channel
MOSTLY L298 types
But still a good idea JOSH ,i havemade test lights like that to check my arduino and basic stamp boards


Also anyone needs some leds i have more then 100 of them and free


A thumbs up Josh Smile
Nice idea !