Diy Airsoft Mech Warrior From A Rad Robot Video Tutorials


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This just shows the options for mounting the air soft guns. I want the EZ CAM right between the guns so it give the guest a first person view like there's a gun in each hand. Winky
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As you can tell in the pics like the sun started going down after I cut down the second set of air soft weapons. I don't like to cut things in the dark because the lighting can really mess you up when your trying to make a clean cut. Tommorow I will clean up the boogers from the waist of the rad robot and make a plastic mounting plate either from plexiglass I have here or left over black abs plastic. Then we can start mounting things! Sounds fun right?


Fantastic tutorial so far Josh! Is this going to be the visitor warrior bot? Don't make him too good so we get beat all the time haha.


If good tutorial Josh! it's a shame the great ocean that separates us because I would not mind attending combat robots that would be interesting to a large screen that showed the impact of shot in the square of each robot sensor in car racing rc do that to monitor times and positions of participants, good luck!


@R2D2 it doesn't mean you cannot make one though. Every guy likes shooting at things lol. You may find a couple buddies in your area that want to make one once they see yours. Robotics fun is contagious!