Diy Airsoft Mech Warrior From A Rad Robot Video Tutorials


Hello my friends! By popular demand members want more how to videos so they are more confident with starting a project they have never done. This is a video series with a few pics to give you the basics on modding a toy to join in on air soft powered mech warrior battles in first person view!

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Fantastic idea Josh!


I won't video taking it apart just a few snapshots of where screws are then another video guys.
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First sit the robot face down and remove all screws.
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Remove the screws from the bottom and save them all!
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Cut these four wires long. They are the right and left motors and we will connect these to a l298n h bridge motor controller.
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You can see internals. Just a gear with can and a motor to drive the system.


Video 3

Cutting the upper body away from the waist with a scroll bit.


Video 4

Here we show how the cuts have created a place to mount guns and a EZ Can for a first person view.


Here we show where to cut to remove excess plastic and give a flat mounting position for the air soft toy.