Since Update Ez-builder Dont Work


Since Update EZ-Builder dont work, what can i do?
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Sorry, but im to stupid to upload a Picture!
The Failure is: This Computer culture has the number Decimal Seperator set to a ','. This setting needs be a period '.' for all EZ Robot software to work. EZ-Builder will now close.

What can i do?


Lizpoir, you have an european version of Windows so your decimal separator is "," instead of "." in US.

You have to go to your Control Panel - Language settings - Date and number settings - Advanced parameters (or something near that... my control panel is in french) and change the decimal symbol to a "."


Thank you, it works now on my German PC, but i dont understand it why after the update?


That was brought in a few updates back, you must have been running quite an old version. It come in because if you don't have the '.' as the decimal it causes problems. Probably not with everything if you were using it with a comma as the decimal but it was a problem. Look in the bug reports section, I expect the bug report is still there.


okay Thank you for the Info, my Version before the Update was from Summer 2012...