Robot Combat League- First Episode Online!


Those who fololwed my other thread on this TV show will be glad to hear that the SyFy channel has put the season premier episode online before it airs on Tuesday the Feb 26th. It is going to be AMAZING show...check it out! And yes thats George Lucas and his daughter.

RCL - first show


Wow! That gives me a real good idea! Smile

I'm really excited for that show. It's going to help introduce robotics to people. Congrats to your friend who's doing that show - it's a fantastic achievement!


I completely agree, it really is all coming together isn't it? I couldn't agree more, that more and more men and women, girls and boys are going to get into robotics. Can't wait to hear about your idea! I'll tell Mark, your hats off to him.


It will have to do with Revolution. I think your friend Mark might be interested in talking with us about Revolution. Is it okay if i send you an email to your registered address on here?


Yes that email is fine. On another note, my android head robot kit is coming along. Here is a prototype mock up for the eye mech. Unfortunately I leave for Santa Fe in a week for a western flick being shot there, so more delays.

User-inserted image


Original eyes. They're neat


Thanks. Designed them around the blinkmini, different colors for moods etc. I've got great video of them following me around the room via EZB.


I'd like to see that!


If that's a prototype mock up I'm excited to see the standards of the final piece, the mock up looks great.

I'll have to use "other means" to watch that show as I doubt it'll air in the UK for a while.


I am very excited about this show.

Just found out that Dave Shinsel and his daughter are "Team Crash", competing in the new SyFy Series, "Robot Combat League", which premieres on Tuesday, February 26.

Dave Shinsel has a web site for a home robot that he built called Loki which is an awesome robot.

He has been on our forum before: