Does I Need A Specific Charger For Lead-acid Batteries


i have a lead-acid battery 12v 9.0ah and i was charging it with a dc adaptor 12v 4A do i need a custom lead-acid battery charger like in lipo's or i could just charge it this way


Now I am not sure what you have for auto parts stores but if you can find one you can get a cheap 12v battery charger..

So actually now that I think about it the short and safest answer is NO you need a proper charger for it.


thanks that why alot of batteries got damages and one nearly exploded


Using a DC supply will charge it but with no over voltage protection, no control, nothing to switch to trickle when the battery is nearly charged... not a good idea.


Yep. You over charged them and boiled it dry. Lucky you didn't get hurt.


You need a smart charger for your Sealed Lead Acid battery. Here is a URL to a good one
Sealed Lead Acid Smart charger


Hi everyone, I'm new to this website and want advice on which charger to buy for a SLA battery any help appreciated, thanks! Smile


The thread your responsed to has the information that you're asking about Smile. Simply read the previous responses.