Diy Awesome Project Case Made From Netgear Routers And Superglue


Yup I robbed the antennas and DC jacks from them too
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Those antennas could be really good to extend/improve the range of your cameras and the EZ-B. I am doing something similar on my Gunslinger Bob.


It would be nice to make a small amp circuit to boost ezb Bluetooth to class one power range... Then have a little antenna like this.


You can make or buy a little op amp for less than $5


Nice work. It has a real professional and chrome/metallic-like look to it. A great way to turn something ok into something really great. Smile


There many parts in routers,and boxes are great,so far i dont think i have any bad yet

On my linxsys routers i get i turn them in to a very powerfull router using LINUX check dd-wrt site
its free ,and all you need is a heatsink and fan,and some changes and firmware update and then i sell them on ebay,others are doing the same.

It makes them lot faster