Windows 7 64 Bit Voices


I am going crazy looking at info on how to get other voices besides Anna on the computer. I have Windows 7 64 and SAPI voices are mostly for 32 bit Windows. I installed several free voices that were obviously for 32 and a lower ver of SAPI, and would not show up. Is there anyone who can point me to SAPI voices that work with 64 bit ver of Windows. I am looking for a voice for my android. I found a few I like but do not want to purchase them if they only work on 32 bit versions.


There's some info on the ? page of the Speech Settings control:

I've used them in the past with success


Thanks I will check those out. I finally found several other sources that support Windows 7 64. Ivona has some of the most natural sounding. Also CereProc has some great voices. Thanks again for the info.


Cereproc Voices work with Win 7 64 bit. I've not tested in EZ-Builder as the only PC I have at home that runs 64 bit Windows is the one I use for work so don't want to add anything else to it.

I know the voices work in EZ-Builder with Windows 7 32 bit. They work in Windows 7 64 bit through windows and EventGhost so I imagine they will work in EZ-Builder (but may need some settings played with a little to get it working). I couldn't get it working in Windows 8 but I hadn't tried very hard.

They also have some awesome voices that have amazing pronunciation and accents (you can sample each voice on their site). They aren't free but if I was willing to buy one then they must be good - I don't buy anything!.. My computer uses William for other reasons (home automation, think Jarvis in Ironman movies)


Edit: Wrong url for voices. Updated below.
Ceraproc Voices


Yes I really like William alot. Prolly the most realist voices Ive heard for 45 bucks.


Yeah, not cheap but worth it... provided they work with 64 bit and EZ-Builder. I may test them out if you are thinking of using a cereproc voice, I'd hate for you to buy one only for it not to work, let me know if you are going down that route and I'll throw EZ-Builder on the work PC.