Camera for Omnibot


My omnibot goes in the dishwasher tonight and I will be ordering my EZ board with my next pay check. In the mean time, what kind of wireless camera do I need to use? Does it need to come with the receiver or how do I see it on my computer?


Wait! Don't buy a camera. I just received a huge shipment of them Smile

They will be on the website in the next few days. I'm fighting with some servos I ordered to determine which are the best for the "robot kit" i'm putting together also




Two great bits of news


How much to you predict the kit will cost


trying to sort that bit out Smile


what kind of brand are they ?

I've got a konig wireless cam what is working great Smile

are your smaller or bigger than those ?


I got one of the Cool Cams like DJ used in his omnibot. I found it on ebay for $20.00, Unfortunately It also cost $20.00 to have it shipped from China. I'm hoping DJ got his deal on that CoolCam. It is so easy to set up. Its certainly not a HD; but works well for our robotic projects.


I got EZ-Robot branded cool cams. They didn't give a fantastic price, sadly. Not a great company to deal with. But they have a great product so we're kind of in a bind. Bought them anyway.

They are fantastic cameras and I wont' suggest anything else. The picture quality is decent for its wireless attribute. And the size, plus included battery makes it compact and easy to integrate

I'll be posting the kit and peripheral list this weekend. I'm sorting out the servos. I ordered 10 different kinds and i'm expirementing to find the best one. Problem is, they all draw so much current that the included 5AA battery pack isn't enough juice to power more than 5 at a time. 5 is acceptable, i just want to make sure i choose the servo with the most torque and least current draw. I'm looking at the effeciency and which ones brown the board out the quickest.


Oh boy.... I know what I am getting for Hanukkah this year!