Nano Smart Aquarium


Update: I ended up removing the step down converter and now I'm connected directly to 12v from the computer power supply. I tested the voltage with 7 amps of load and my meter read 11.4 volts and these leds are rated 10.1 to 11 volts so I am not worried. The heatsink and fans are working well.

@Dch thanks! If I can raise lots of anemone in different colors I will start selling them. I love these guys.


I didn't know those things moved.


Certain species can walk around with their pedal ( the foot) and change locations. Just yesterday two decided to walk right up next to the pump intake ( sometimes they will seek flow when hungry) they will also inflate and become bouyant to move as well. It is their way of swimming.


Do you have videos on YouTube? Your user name?


MY female gecko does that when i come near her cage,and she waves her hand when i do it
plus always watching what i do in my house,she never bites also,even when i give her fruit off my finger


Yes I do a variety of YouTube videos for both robot stuff and the updates on the marine life... User name is machinepsychology , I will do more videos soon as I have been raising custom anemones from pink tip long tentacles and making the green , purple , red and even yellow.


ANEMONES i also have there are very easy to take care of also.


And i see 7 amps at about 12 volts thats a lot of power


They need a lot of tender loving care. Because these kind of anemone are more active they need more nutrition. Light alone is not enough to get them to grown. They need a meaty diet which means hand feeding. If your lucky enough a clown fish will like your anemone and catch food for it and feed it.
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Here is the maroon clown feeding a purple one. They are very sensitive to environmental changes , flow , light , and they like oxygen so if they want more they will come to the surface of the water. Anyways that's where ezb comes in. Controlling water flow , alternating currents and switching from night to daylight at the correct time.


YES i found that out too having a few. but at the same tiome you dont need a EZB if you go to any pet store they doing fine,and i bet no EZB

But on mine and your design i like using a EZB

JUST awhile back i went to clearwater marine aquarium,thhats where you find the best experts ,since thats all they do ,and got many ideas on how to take of fish tanks ,mostly saltwater

Getting ready to place many many photos of the clearwater marine place,total about 500 or more,from there and busch gardens and tampa zoo in my facebook page
SO you can check them out JOSH