What If There Was An Ezb Pro? What Would It Have?


Ok this is just to kick around ideas but what if you could buy a ready to go kit to trick out your EZB V3? I have a few ideas myself but I want feedback

1.-Built in wifi 2.4 ghz option for long range / networking

2.-a plexiglass case consisting of a base 1/4" plexi, standoffs and 1/4" plexi cover to protect ezb and wiring

3.-a servo wire loom organizer , somthing simple to clean up wiring

4.-lighting in the baseplate of plexi surrounding ezb in a square halo of blue (or other) light

5.-a 2200mah or 5000mah lipo battery to power ezb and servos instead of AA batteries , complete with Y harness for easy charging or rigging your externsl charger

6.-a high current 6v power board for high torque servos that easily connects to the case as a module. Get the full potential of a servo at 6v high current rather than 5v and lower current.

7.-a small fan probably a slimline and QUIET 6v or 12v to keep air running accross the heat sinks
built into the EZB Pro mounting plate for a cool and happy EZB

8.-ability to add on a small Darlington Transistor board to operate high current items like LED arrays , Bright lights , relays, ect and mount to either side of the EZB pro case or mounted separate. This would have between 4 and 8 transistors for turning items on.

9.- Reset Switch - to easily power EZB on or off to pair or just kill the power other than pulling connections loose.

10.- Status lcd maybe? Ive seen them for arduino and they can show many things , like battery level , voltage , the scripts being ran , errors ect.

11.- 2 USB plugs - for powering a camera and other 5v usb electronics

12. Maybe EZB Pro kit could have like 6 High Torque Servos 240 oz in @6v

13. EZB pro kit could have the option of getting a l298n 2.5a or 12a Sabertooth included

14.Heavy Duty Servo LONG ext cables with thicker gauge wire to support the demands of high Torque servos that can draw 5 to 7 amps each lengths of around 300mm and 500mm assortment.


sounds great Grin


Would love to see that blue plexi base lit up.... hmmmmm


Great ideas Josh! I think your list is thorough and is well thought out and is EZ-B centric..ie PRO!


I'd like an EZ-B with an integrated H-Bridge Smile
And an add-on like modules so you can switch bluetooth for wifi or so Smile
And a power/reset button Smile

The rest of the ez-b is SUPERRR! Do not Change a Winning Ez-B


I do like the idea of integrated H-Bridge, but of course then you need to decide the amperage and voltage that gives the biggest bang for the buck. Won't make everybody happy if it is built in, but something like a 2.5amp 6v like the arduino (did I say that word?) motor shield would be good.

I would also like to see either a built in, or easily added relay board to be able to switch higher voltage devices without building my own circuits to do it.

Easily switchable between USB, BT, and WiFi would be nice.

I think everything on these lists is doable ourselves, but being able to buy it pre-built saves time, and for some of us, a lot of learning, before we get started with our projects.

(in fact, I am going to take some of the ideas from Josh's list and utilize them in my build. I am going to put my EZ-BV in a plastic project box with a fan, and I am going to put a reset switch between the EZ-B and the battery.



All very good suggestions, and I will def be implementing Joshs ideas.......and..... also an alarm, like a low batt but for the cooling fan or for that matter a heat sink temp alarm. Can anybody create a script for the fan alarm? Oh dear there goes another ADC port........but with robotmaker's idea of a multiplexor add on, the issues of a ADC shortage are minimized. Perhaps another script to easily switch between USB,BT, and WiFi can be developed! Smile


Personally, while all great ideas, I'd prefer to see them as options or store stock rather than part of a bundle or built in/on.


Dito on what Rich said. kind of like a shield.

I'd like to have a stronger Bluetooth.


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