Question About Shortcut Creator In Ezbuilder


I have some issue with the Shortcut Creator in EZ-Builder:
when i select a script in the Auto Start Script step (step 3), it never starts when the project is open via the shortcut. I have tried with an autoconnect script, but also with a simple script saying "hello" (like in the tutorial), but no success.


Just a small update here.
It seems that when I use the Shortcut Creator and the AutoStart Script, the Script is not added at the end of the shortcut. An example: for "C:\Program Files (x86)\ EZ-Builder\EZ-Builder.exe" "C:\My Documents\MyFile.ezb" "InitScript", "InitScript" is missing. When I add it manually after shortcut creation, everything is fine. Smile

By the way, I have notice that the script needed to be in is own window in order to be executed at startup. It don't work when the script is inside a Script Manager windows (it is the same when trying to load a script at connection in the "Connection Established Cmd").

Is there a way to use the scripts inside the Script Manager at startup or at connection?


Ok, so problem solved for the script start at connection, with ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStart, "MyScript")... should have been more careful to the tutorial of Script Manager *blush*.

However this solution don't seem to work inside shortcuts, for script start at startup... is there a way?


As you follow through each step of the shortcut creator, you will see that only EZ-Script controls are displayed in the drop-down. EZ-Script Manager controls are not displayed in the drop-down of the shortcut creator.


@DJ. Thanks for the answer.

That's right, only EZ-Script controls are displayed in the drop-down... It explains why scripts in EZ-Script Manager dont load at startup Grin

However, I have tested again with an EZ-Script control. When i select it in the drop-down from the shortcut creator, it is not taken account. It is not loaded at start and it don't appear in the "target" property of the shortcut in Windows... I have to add it manually.
Maybe it is because I am using Windows 8? I don't know...
But it is no big deal, it works this way and it don't prevent my Wall-E from growing...

Thanks again.


Check the latest release - i made a change for Windows 8. Seems to be a few issues with some of the native interop functionality between 7 and 8...


Downloaded. Tested... and validated! Problem solved.
@DJ. I must admit I still don't understand how you manage to understand and solve so quickly every single tiny problem meet by users.
This community is really lucky!


Smile Thanks dude! I'm a robot, didn't you know?


I really like the EZ-Load shortcut creator. It works as described but I'm not sure how to suppress the Assembly Instructions & Servo Fine Tuning dialogs that need to be answered.

I'm not sure what I'm missing here as I'd like to implement some of the scenarios as described in this snip

User-inserted image


Disable those features in the preferences menu of EZ-Builder. Preferences is a menu interface for EZ-Builder software to enable and disable options for your preferred operation. Lots of options in there!

Don't forget to hover on the question marks in the preferences menu for additional information of each option.