Diy Regulated Power Supply 12v , 5v And 3v From Pc Psu


Great question rich. I don't know. Im not the original aurthor. It just worked for me and I shared it. I only modded my supply to use 5v and 12v I didn't go that far. Its always good to verify the wiring and voltage with a meter. Smile


In which case, I would assume the image was incorrect (they can't all use the same colour wiring for different voltages).

For EZB applications only the 12v and 5v are really required, so to play it safe (as I haven't done this yet) I'd say to use just the following wires.

5v = Red/Black
12v = Yellow/Black

For anything else, double check voltages and use combinations of the 3.3, 5, 12 and ground sources to give what you need.

This may also come in handy...

User-inserted image


Thanks for the illistration rich.


Hi all.... I have just received this in the mail...

Looks like the easiest and cheepest option yet.... just don't kill yourselves with all that current!


Nice find. It's not the cheapest option but sure is the easiest and safest.


i have so many PSU power supplies i converted one back about 3 years ago
they make great power supplies and can easy find on in the trash off a old computer
i went a little more adding a meters and making it variable the 12 volt source
was also going to make it current adjustable too


ALSO if anyone needs any type of regulators i have almost every value and postive and negative types


i have a p4-350w what is the minimum load for it to power up when i connect ps_on with gnd it makes some noise then turns off when i pulse ps_on with gnd fast i have around 3v on 12v rail bad output but when i disconnect ps_on i have solid power on 5v standby please help


@khudo , its a switching power supply. It can power on with zero load. You will want to ground the green wire. Use the normal on and off switch to power it on and off. If it doesn't have one add a regular toggle switch to cut the 110v ac power.