Speech Recognition Questions


i must say i am a newbie in this robot thing but i ordered my complete kit and i want to use voice control..but iss not picking my voice up and i dont know whether is because of my accent (Ghana accent) or i havent done the right configuration..i looked into the video tutorials yet i cant set it up...please someone should help me


Hello welcome
may I ask you a what windows operating system are you using


thanks..i am using a windows 7 sir...skyping would be soo helpful


@azupwah Welcome Smile Within each control there is an ? button that is beside the X (close). If you press that control, you will be directed to a tutorial page. The tutorial page for the Speech Recognition Control will explain how to perform training for your voice Smile

As you speak, you should be able to see the audio graph move with the volume of your voice. If that works, then training is all you need. Otherwise, you may need to adjust your microphone volume settings.


thanks alot DJ..I would try it now


@azupwah, You said you ordered your complete kit. Have you received it and connected to EZ-Builder, or are you trying out EZ-Builder while waiting for the kit? I don't know if this has changed in the past year, but I had the same issue when I was waiting for my kit to arrive, and DJ explained that EZ-Builder voice reco only works when connected to an EZ-B (something about timing).



Mine works fine without connecting to ezb.


Yes, Mine worked also without being connected to EZB. In fact even now if I don't have it hooked to EZB and EZ Builder running the program will respond and controls will start working if I state a command.

With that said I had some difficultly at first getting the Speech Recognition to respond. It turned out to be several things that I needed to set up properly in Windows 7. I had to set the proper recording device and microphone levels in the sound and Microphone setup section and then train Win 7 to my voice in that section of Win 7.

If you want to actually hear what Windows is hearing you can plug a set of headphones into your computer through the headphone input jack (if you have one) and click on the "Listen" tab at the top of the Microphone Set Up window. That also helped me set the proper Mic levels as you can adjust them "live". Not sure if that made a big difference but it was good to know my voice was coming through.

Good Luck and have fun,
Dave Schulpius


My data is old then. Sorry if I sent you down the wrong path.