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My name is Steve and I am excited and looking forward to receiving my ez robot kit that I recently ordered. I have 2 roomba 4210,s (Serial 4210 041116 E 5765). I think they are too old to have the SCI required feature. My receipt for this unit was jan, 2005. It appears it may difficult to find an appropriate osmo dongle? Irobot still sells the Create robot, which I think has the req. feature to operate w/ezrobot. I am concerned about buying a used newer unit on Ebay. I already have a new battery for my 400 series discovery white model, that would work on the bare bones Create.
My grandkids got me going on robotics again after I operated my 25 yr old James comadore robot. James didn,t obey many of voice commands anymore. I also got my 16 yr old Lynx project going, that operates on DOS. Time for something new. Are there any cons for the Irobot Create? Thanks Steve S


I have both the Blue and the Gray(smoke) OSMO units so depending on which one you may need I can loan them out for a small fee. Go to my website and send me a message:



I have had many irobot robots. The create is a very nice platform for very reasonalable investment. But, I got my one of my irobots for only $4 at GoodWill. It was 50% off. I bought the create new. I also had a model 530 which was one of the best. I blew it's communication port and had to buy another motherboard, so I said "no". The older ones were sort of weaker to me. It could have been a bad battery, I don't know now. If you can afford it, the iCreate is the best, I think, and the more compatible.

Good Luck! You are going to LOVE EZB!


Thanks for the response,s. I am leaning towards getting a new Icreate.
MovieMaker have u operated your Icreate w EZB? I like having the EZ robot community, very practical and excellent idea. Thanks Steve


This has nothing to do with EZB but while looking at what Icreate is all about I found this. It's off the hook and very funny to me:

"A hamster is positioned on the back side of the Create robot inside a clear plastic sphere. By running in the sphere, the hamster controls where the robot moves and the robot's speed."

Maybe EZB could be interfaced with servos and Sonar and mounted on a multi legged platform? So when the hamster runs the ball in any direction the robot would crawl there. Imaging what an out of control and random robot you would have?

Steve S, maybe you could move in this direction? Of course then you's have a robot you would need to feed and clean up after. (Robot poop?)

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@dschulpius If you build it with an actual Roomba vacuum instead of the iCreate, the cleanup part is taken care of, and you just need to deal with feeding Smile



ya! very smart!


Hey All, just wanted to post this here to help anyone out who is looking at re-purposing their Roomba as a robot platform, it mentions DJ and the EZ-B in a few spots but it is more of an info dump on the Roomba firmware and SCI:
Here's a link to my blog


@ steve,

If you will look under the projects pictues, you will see marti which is the robot I made out of a roomba.

correction, not the roomba, but the i-Create.


Steve if you are looking for the OSMO hacker dongle i have it,
I gives full SCI commands to the older models
send me $5 and then ship it back to me when done with it