Maker Faire 2013 Nc, Usa , Ez Robot Booth


We have been disussing setting up a booth area to show off our robots and also have a small airsoft robot arena to battle in Winky So far we have Bret , myself and Alequa my brother coming. I made this thread so we are not discussing things off topic on others. Here is trossens arena for ideas but we can make ours different.
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If I tell my wife that we are going to Durham to visit her relatives, that may give me enough points to spend a Saturday in Raleigh. Grin


Thats the spirit Smile


I don't think our arena can be as detailed but we can make it pretty cool. Maybe someone has a little fog machine so we can add "smoke" to different areas and things. The wifey has already agreed that a long weekend in NC would be fun, so I am definitely a go. Lots to do between now and then.


Maybe dj would send some banner signs.... hint hint lol


There is a reasonably good chance I can make it.


Thats great alan! Will you bring a robot with you?


If it is ready, and if Amtrak lets me take it on board (it will be a little over the luggage weight limit, but I am an employee, so can probably get away with it).



I plan on bringing two or three. Gunslinger Bob, Mini-B and RoboRAD. Sort of depends on how far along I am with programming and how much room I have in the car lol


I hope you guys make it to the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA later in 2013. I live 1 mile from the fairgrounds where it is held each year. Totally cool event!