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Ok I thought this deserved its own thread. Keep in mind the direction of EZ-Robot and where its software is going. This way our wiki will support both older ezb models and future models and feature additions for EZ-Builder and SDK.

What this is : Im creating a page that will have links to important and useful information in the forums and a summary. The purpose is to make a hot list of common topics , mods ect that are generally useful. For example a thread where we plan to attend maker fair would have a short summary of dates location and whos going to be there and s link to the thread where this was discussed. This is just an example but it summarizes the information without searching through forum discussions that may be lengthy.

What this is NOT: This is not a place for discussions , starting new threads , promoting non related products or services. In no way will this replace the use of the forum. Just as we discuss or post important and useful info it may be posted on the wiki under the correct section with a summary and link to the place in a thread that was discussed.

If you have ideas for how this could be organized , ideas for section titles and what should or should not be on this page please have it in this discussion and if you want to avoid public scrutiny then email your suggestions to - Josh S


That's a neat idea! Smile


I love this idea. It would be a great resource for us new guys! The pinball community did this a couple years ago on Wiki and it turned out great! Seemed like a ton of work though. My hat is off to you Josh. If you want to see how they organized things go to:

One section I would love to see is a section where there are EZ Builder script examples. I don't know if it's within your guidelines but if would be nice is people could contribute scripts. They could post scripts that do different operations and interface EZB with different hardware.

Just a starting thought.

Thanks Josh for offering to do this.


Holy moly! That's a great idea! Lately, this has gotten more necessary.

@DJ, you really need to get Josh on the payroll. Grin


"Holy Moly".... I love that saying!


hehe I don't even know if I spelled it right.


Im not sure if its a real word lol


*blush* Crikey! Should I delete it? Smile


What is the url of the wiki?


It has not been set up yet. Im shopping for providers for the wiki or if I will buy a url. Looking at options. Any suggestions?