About Using Window 7 On A Robot


This tread is mostly about using WINDOWS XP IN A ROBOT
and comparing it to windows 7
i see a lot of it off topic

Here is somethings i found out by testing both windows XP and windows 7

Now i have 2.4ghz dual processor with 3 gig memory and using 32 bit systems both windows 7 and windows XP and windows XP on a bench mark test shows it was much faster,now with a 64 bit windows 7 it was a lot faster.

But the windows 7 draw almost double current then windows XP
THAT why if you check every professional robot over $1000 and some over $12000 like the one i am getting soon hanson ROBOKIND that just came out,none uses windows 7,robot cost more so they can easy add it,but they dont


Windows 8 is out, I went back to Windows 7 after using it...

It's not clear, did you use the exact same system for your tests without altering any of the hardware configuration?

Also, which versions of each OS tested? Home, Premium, Ultimate? Was anything cleaned up from the OS?

P.S. Hanson Robokind datasheet specifies the OS is Ubuntu Linux not Windows XP...


So far I like windows 7 ultimate the best but be sure to have at least 4gb ram for best system performance because its a larger os. I wish I had a copy of xp I would load it on a netbook just for demonstrations.




Was your Windows 7 fully patched? I recall when it first came out there was a battery drain issue that was quickly patched. If you disable Aero (sp) the resource drain should be similar to XP (although it does require more memory for the same performance level of XP, which must use some additional power, but shouldn't be twice the current draw).

Problem with XP with EZ-Builder is that the voice reco doesn't work under XP. Otherwise, everything else should be the same.



You can strip down a Windows 7 to only have what is needed too. I'm sure I read somewhere that either voice synthases or voice recognition with EZBuilder wasn't compatible when running XP...

And you can add more than 3Gb ram (not 20, the limit on 32bit OS is 3) with XP, they do make a 64 bit version.

I have to say that I've not noticed any increase in power usage on my desktop from when it was running XP and now running 7


I am using 64 bit version of windows 7 i thought i said that
And yes 3 gb it all that windows XP see's the rest going to a video card mostly 64meg to 512meg of ram.
YES thats you can do with any software stripped it down,thats what XPLITE is for and many others
IF you have WINDOWS 7 stripped and windows XP srtripped ,the windows XP will be faster ?
64 bit runs faster then windows 32 bit but at double the wattage

only person thats the best to tell you why WINDOWS XP is better for robots is a expert from any of the big robot companies some have 7 engineers

voice recognition works perfect on my windows XP PRO and EZB no problems at all
cant check power usage really on desktop with windows 7 or windows xp it uses line voltage
just not the same test using a battery
also almost none hobby robots use windows 7 too

ALAN what version of windows xp was you using,mine shows no problems
i have 2.4ghz dual quad with 3 gig of ram windows xp pro ,on my robot its a stripped version.
I have another that not stripped i use to test software like windows versions

PERSON who comments should make the same test ,as i did,doesnt have to be the same cpu ,just everything has to stay the same and get a benchmark test and a current meter.


I can check power usage on my desktops.

Are you saying DC on my desktop is not the same as DC on a PC powered by a battery? DC is DC. There are never any mains voltages which go to the motherboard of a PC.


I am not using XP (well, I am on my work computer but not on anything I use for robotics, and I wouldn't use it on anything with Internet access once Microsoft stops releasing patches now that extended support is coming to an end), but late last year/early this year there was a lot of discussion on the board about speech recognition and XP (maybe it was Text to Speech and XP? I'll have to track down the messages, maybe DJ found a solution).