A Robot Saw Christmas


saw the video,where did you get the chat software you have on it


Hi Fred,

Here's a link to the Chat Software.


Chat Software Link


I know about that one real good,not really a chat software,mostly to change voices
The chat software i use is part of a very good AI software
it recgonizes faces and say hi FRED or STEVE from a database,it uses SAPI AND OPENCV and a lot more
email me since DJ said nobody can post abnout other stuff iunless its EZB related
jamareican at yahoo dot com
may the lord always take good care of you and your family,i am mostly a church guy


Hey Fred,

I agree that we should continue our personal discussion off this forum but cannot reach you at the email you listed... system says something like "undeliverable... no yahoo account".

Don't know any other way to contact you so please send me an email at steve70x7@cinci.rr.com so we can continue our discussion and be good forum citizens at the same time.




Hope everyone having a blessed christmas and safe new year,i dont drink or smoke
but will have a toasting drink with my family.