Cyberdude's Wall-e


Awesome very inspiring cyberdude and Thanks for all the great pics! Smile


Wow, that wall-e actually looks smaller than the U-command, i noticed you say its based off of it.
Can you tell me which Wall-e toy that was? Or if it is the U-command?


This is the U-Command model.


OK, as promised, here are some updates to the project...

User-inserted image

Okely Dokely, here's what we have...

1. This is the AU5032 from MDFly.

2. This is a 5v step down circuit that I picked up from eBay. (I have a few more if ya need one.) " AMS1117-3.3 DC/DC Step-Down Voltage Regulator Adapter Convertor W 3.3V Out"

3. This is also from MDFly: Logic Level Converter - 2.5v/3.3v/5v. I could have used two of these instead of the AMS1117 above, but this was $2.95 PLUS shipping from MDFly whereas the AMS1117 was $2.17 for FIVE INCLUDING SHIPPING!

4. Amplifier (the sound card is not amplified)

5. Speaker.

So the deal is that this particular sound card requires TWO 3.3v voltage inputs to function; one drives the comms signal, the other drives the circuit. I'm no EEE, so I have no idea why, I just know that I needed both.

All in all, it set me back something like $24 bucks not including the speaker and micro card (I had both laying around.)

Also, I should mention that one set of leads goes to a free port on the controller. the voltage-only leads go to the 5v out pins on the controller. I wasn't using them for anything else, so there ya go.
It uses typical serial comms.


Very well explained, these contributions are appreciated, and a whole costs something like half the price of the trigger mp3 spankfun.
Does that mean that the communication via ez-b from any port makes digital?


If I understand your question correctly, the answer is, the signal and signal voltage comes from and digital port. The second voltage can come from any port supplying 5v, but since there's a 5v for external power head, I used that for the second power feed.