Release 2012.11.28.00


This is a small release regarding Random features of your robot. There was a recent discussion about what "random" really means in programming. Random() is a common function used in computers making unpredictable decisions. However, if you wish to write your own routines for random behavior, perhaps Random() isn't optimized.

As a disclaimer: We encourage people to use the Personality Generator, which uses an algorithm based on trending - not random.

So, the solution? After a bit of brain storming, I came up with a new Random function called GetRandomUnique(). This new function tries to make the returned value unique from the last. This is not a Personality Generator replacement, but it will make your robot much better behaved.

- EZ-Script controls can be resized
- New EZ-Script command: GetRandomUnique()
- EZ-Script compiler optimizations

Here is an Example Project displaying the differences between Random() and GetRandomUnique(): Example-Script-RandomNumberFunctions.EZB

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You are SO the son I never had. God bless you!


@ DJ - I don't know how you do it without losing your mind, there was a huge argument last year with a bunch of programmers over the randomness of random, and let's just say there wasn't enough alcohol in the world at the time....

Thank you for the update

BTW would this be a bad time to ask about SendSerial text string issues? Smile


Nice job once again. I was looking to create a full keyboard control for my robot but I can't find how to assign the different keys to control different script or mutli-script simultaneously. Is this something not yet implemented? The only thing I can use on the keyboard is the Movement Panel.


@Louis, Select Add Control->Scripts->Key Control

Press configure on the control and add the keys and their respective scripts


Nice update... now we can have unique options like Chicken and Banana instead of
Chicken, Chicken, Chicken Tongue


DJ. will try that. thank you Smile


AWESOME! thank you for the update. I was wondering why the Program Generator was not really random..BUT you did say it was a "Quasi-random". ........Thanks for your amazing effort!


Thanks again DJ.
This will keep my robot from repeating the same thing too often and still mix things up a bit.


I understand the varibles are numeric but can they also be strings with the examples given. I realize this thread is not about programming but a simple yes or no can send " my hounds in the right direction" . Thanks in advance.