Meet "rc-xd Airsoft Droid " Dual Wield Gunner Robot W Night Vision


If its the video Im thinking of that says its shooting real bullets, that one is fake.
An Airsoft gun could totally be doable if the weight is right.


Hey, any more updates on this bot? Videos of it in action? I need to know what my competition is up to...


This weekend I believe there will be , im waiting on the two ezb for the airsoft robots. Lol I really need to put in another order for 4 or 5 because I still have guys like jarvis that need his ezb too. Winky I had to get some netbooks to use as fancy remote controllers lol. I may end up using a joystick pad but a netbook will control each one. So far I have two netbooks I loaded win 7 on and are ready for ez builder. The third is a samsung n120 and I need a new battery for it but I already loaded windows 7 on it.
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