Meet "rc-xd Airsoft Droid " Dual Wield Gunner Robot W Night Vision


Cool looking robot.
Yes EZ Robot is for everyone who wants a cool robot!


Very cool josh Smile What servos are those? They look great!



You mention "with night vision" in the header, and somewhere else you mentioned an IR camera mod, but I can't find a post with instructions. Is there any more to it than just removing the IR filter from the front of the lens? Some web cam IR conversions I have seen have you replace the filter with an exposed piece of film so they are IR only (blocks most visible light), but not sure that is important with the EZ-B camera.



@Alan, Here is the link for the IR mod...


@dj these are EZ Robots High torque servos at 6 volts, servo horn is held to the guns with two self tapping screws.

@Alan hi gunner made a post for his "gunnerator" to pull out the IR filter. I will also show how i do mine maybe even with a video. There is no need to add a piece of exposed film. The exposed film mod changes the image to all grey scale and you loose detail and sharpness in the image. Just pull out the ir filter and use 850nm ir leds for illumination. The 850mm appear 5 times brighter than the 940nm when i compare them.


Incredible workmanship on that robot. Awesome!


@Josh, that's right, I forgot... technically the mod we are doing is a "night vision" mod... an "IR mod" (with the exposed film) is meant to simulate the view from a true infrared camera. Good call on the differences in illumination value between IR LED nm ranges... I didn't know that Smile


@ Louis , Thanks man I appreciate it!

@Gunner , you i figured out the 940nm do not work as well the hard way , after scratching my head and some research i found 850mm is better. They cost more too, even on ebay. I bought 200 of them.


Awesome info on the night vision mod. Thanks. I have a USB IR cam with illuminating LED's for the big bot, but also wanted IR for the drone, so this will be perfect.



Nice! I want a cool quad copter with the Starnes custom spin on it. My roommate is willing to go in half with me , airport gun for fun and somthing special , watch fpsrussia quadcopter on YouTube to see what i mean Winky