I Shall Call Him.mini B


Yes, Bret did an amazing job upgrading the drive system and making it look pro.


Thanks Guys, now I have to get to my programming haha.


Try out autoposition
It makes life more fun.
It makes motion much easier to program.


So my move to Phoenix has greatly interrupted my bot building. And Mini-B got a little damaged in the move. As soon as we move into our new house (on June 15th) I will set up my bot room and get back to work on all my projects. I have to say I have been going thru withdrawal lol.


Hang in there, Bret!


I bought the same B9 robot and hope to do the same.
Bret very nice job on it.


I really like the scale! Its very managable in a small office/home....I agree with DJ..we love vids..I totally expect you to ignore! this post, and get some programming done LOL Smile ...Damaged in the move..Waaaaat didnt you put his seatbelt on...its mandatory in Canada! Smile


No, poor Mini-B had to go in a box. Sometimes the wifey just don't understand haha. @robotmaker - when do you think you will start your B9? I got plenty of tips if you are interested.


Hopping very soon in about a month trying to get off the ghost list.and yes would love your tips.

YOUR project is getting very good.

MAY be you can put in a good word for me and let others know i am on the ghost list or when i will be off.

I got a lot better with RICH and my grammar since taking time re-checking my posts.


Hey, Bret!
I just got a 24" B-9 so I will be watching your progress closely.

Some Questions 4-U.

what type of paint did you use on the rubber?

what type of paint did you use on the body?

Where did you get your sound bytes?

how do you have the electronics setup for the lights in the chest?

Many more to come. Loved the video, post lots of pictures, please.

Thanks for sharing this.

Mel Smile