I Shall Call Him.mini B


Here is my small B9 robot made from the trendmasters toy from the 90s.
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I combined the Trendmasters Robot B9 and a RAD drive section with the EZ-B and a lot of work. For details of the build process, please click

Here are the side by side before and after pics of Mini B. This thread will be devoted to the programming phase.

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And here is my first attempt at programming him. I like the way I have the antenna moving, but I still need a lot of work on the "Danger Will Robinson!"


Sweet! So is the right arm working yet?


Very nice work! Looks like fun!


Thanks guys! Yes, both arms are working now. I am just having some difficulty getting all of the servos and voice to work at the same time. Plus my wife has confiscated my laptop for her work so I have limited windows where I can work on that.


"I shall call him mini B" lol
I hope you get your laptop back soon.
EZ-B has no trouble with 20 servos at once.
Hope you can get it all figured out.
Love the before and after pics.
I could call mine EZ-B9. lol

Test AutoPosition
You will like it once you find out how cool it works.


Hehe i like this robot! Glad you posted a video. I really enjoy watching videos more than reading lol


Thanks DJ! I'll post some more videos as soon as I make a little more progress.


u go to update us on this I LOVE IT Grin


Yeah, I do need get back to programming him. Been busy building a couple of other bots. Soon though.


I must say, excellent craftsmanship on the robot. Very tight.