First Real Look At My Ez-b Controlled Full Size Lis B9 Robot


Thanks newagetomy for the kind words about my robot. I'm glad you enjoyed the humor.

Before I got sucked into the robotics would and lost myself in it I collected and restored pinball machines from the 80s and 90s. I have 15 pins between two rooms in my finishedbasement. I also have a video pinball machine and a Mame arcade game. Both where built by me. Lots of fun for all. Thanks for asking.


The video pinball machine sounds great, and the old pinball machines would be timeless, can just imagine the sounds from them.

I'd never heard of MAME before-Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator?

I love those old games, and i hope that software is never lost or forgotten. Winky

The Mame arcade game you built, is it just the one game or is there a few on there you can play?


There's thousands. All the classics. The trick is to get them set up to run on this machine using these controls. Each game usually has it's own configuration settings that can be fiddled with.


Hi Dave. Hope you are keeping well buddy.

Had a bit of spare time and wanted to see your progress with B9. For the changes and mods you have done since I last looked in, I can only say that what you have done... is fantastic.

Just watched your 3 day neck mod and it’s looking great. I do respect your perseverance and from the looks of it, it was well worth it. With the better range and ramping, the head/neck movements really do look great. 1st class job.

Catch up with you soon my friend. Smile


Hi Dave,
If you get a chance, can you post a video of your Mechanical Marvel in action again? Some of us remember seeing his antics on tv, but wonder what he would think of today's world, with even cars being sent into space.



Hi guys! Sorry for the delayed response. I just by chance found your posts to my project thread. I'm not getting posting notifications sent to me from EZ Robot since I had to change my email address. I guess I need to manually send in my new address to EZ Robot for them to change since I can't do it myself on this website. However that's another subject...............

Thanks for the kind words and interest.

@Steve, I hope your now doing well. I'm honored you thought of my big friend. Yes rebuilding the Radar section really made a huge difference! I'm very happy with the end result. I actually have made more progress since the rebuild you mentioned. Mostly in scripting and animations but they have turned out well. He's a lot of fun to play with and grow. It a never ending project for sure.

@Andy, I definitely need to do another video showing off some of his recently learned skills. Very soon I'll be dismantling him and storing him away for travel to Sunny Florida on the other lower side of the USA from Wisconsin. Retirement is arriving and our new home will be in the tropics. The B9 will be out of action for a long time while I pack up this home and relocate it down there. No robot work while that life changing event is happening. Winky I'd like to showcase a good example of the amazing things EZ Robot has let me do with this robot before I take him apart for the trip. The Bing Voice API has been a real game changer. It and simple EZ Scripting allows him to appear as autonomous as if he were the real TV Robot.

Once we get re-established down south I plan to redo B9's bubble lifter mech and possibly his wrists and claws. I already have the high speed linear actuator and linear pot for the lifter replacement. Also, a new vendor has appeared in the B9 Robot Builders club that will very soon be offering a new style lightweight carbon fiber 3D printed claw. They are amazing and exact to the original. My current ones are heavy and have issues I don't like. *eek*


Hi Dave.

Yes I’m good thanks. Good to hear from you. In regards to your account and email address, I did this quite a while back by emailing the office with my new email address, and got a reply shortly after saying they did it for me. I started getting forum alerts pretty much straight away after they did that. Hope that helps.

Well, I wish you luck with the move... a huge life changing event that’s for sure. Anyway all the best and catch up with you soon. Smile



Dave, where in Florida? I've got cold beverages waiting if you're in driving distance! (Please say Southwest Florida)


@Steve, Thanks for the advice. I need to do this asap!

@Tex, actually it's cape Coral. That would be SE! Looks like you need to stock up! LOL. Grin


Hello Dave,

I'm Happy to hear of all that has been going on. The move to the warmth will be a big change from Wisconsin ! Enjoy the retirement !

I look forward to the update video before your "Bubulous Friend" goes into "galactic stasis" for the journey to the lower limits of the Galaxy. (LOL)
Just keep Dr. Smith away from him.

The future bubble and claw upgrades sound great. Keep us in mind for video updates. I have enjoyed the build journey you have shared with us and look forward to the future discussions, and updates once you are settled.