First Real Look At My Ez-b Controlled Full Size Lis B9 Robot


Thanks Steve, That all means a lot.

I worked a little more on the Danger, Danger animation today. Mostly added the radar and bubble rotating back and forth during the routine. This really added just the right pizzazz.


Dave ,

The advances you are making, makes me want to watch some old episodes. The thought of a real Robot, from the past is really something. Someday please do a skit for us. It would be fun to see your "Mechanical Marvel" perform a classic scene.

Thanks ,



Thanks Ron. That does sound like fun. I'll certainly do that. However I don't think the guys would want to see me in the video. I'll need to find a Judy Robinson look a like to be on screen playing with the Robot. Grin


I'm having fun with a new script I wrote for my B9. I ripped a lot of sound clips from Season 1 & 2 of my Lost in Space Blu Rays and wrote an EZ script where he will randomly play them. The whole game here is that it sounds like he's doing impressions of these actors. It's a blast! The more clips and script choices I have written in the more random the choices are. Have a watch and enjoy!


Hi Dave,

I love it ! You always entertain... I really enjoyed Elvis. It is great to see your years of effort and skill in action. I see why you can sit for hours and play..




This is the best robot video I have ever seen!
Your B9 is amazing!
You have done a great job building and programming this wonderful robot!
Even when he repeats himself he is funny.
That Elvis was great.
I can see your robot doing shows on a stage and bringing in tons of people to watch!
Everyone post this to Facebook and twitter!
This is a B9 with EZ Robot and all kinds of amazing!


I was never satisfied with the drive motor and feedback device I was using my B9 Lost in Space Robot's radar section. This video follows my three day adventure of replacing that system with a whole new design. I'm installing a thinner, stronger motor That I bought from ServoCity and it has it's own encoder already installed. Danger, Danger! This is a 45 minute video so pull up a comfy chair, find your favorite hemorrhoid pillow, grab an adult beverage and sit back and enjoy!


@Dave. Wow I have no life, lol.Smile Great video with lots of info. Your dedication and perfection is great. I've watched Many if not all of your videos and have yet to see how you would get your B9 outside.

Thanks for the video.


Thanks Merne. I'm glad you're enjoying my progress.


Hemorrhoid pillow Tongue

Your LISR is amazing Dave, very smooth motion and very quiet. Winky

May i ask what arcade games you have there?