First Real Look At My Ez-b Controlled Full Size Lis B9 Robot


Doing such a real good job DAVE ,looks about as complex as my johnny five both lynxmotion and full size johnny 5


Thanks guys. Like I said before, it's a labor of love. Actually, I do plan to incorporate RC into him in time. I figure that will be one of the last things I'll be doing. Right now I'm installing all the basic programming. Later I'll be tieing it all together in various ways.

Hey, that steampunk thing sounds fantastic. WWWwas a cool show, both the original series and the movie.


" A labor of love" I can identify with...seen, one crazy looking man scouring junkyards like Wall-E singling out cool stuff Smile ......imagine a head built of copper and brass and wood, glass eyeballs with a stained glass heart beating with a glowing light inside...Dang its hard to keep a secret around here......I dont know how DJ does it with his "revolution"


Sweet, cant wait to see you start it! *cool*


I'm really impressed, amazing quality construction, I really like, congratulations. Smile


Exactly R2D2! I am wondering if Dave is a retired Space engineer! Smile


Ha, ha! I wish! Neither retired, space engineer or even an engineer. I'm just a High Voltage Distribution Power Linemen for a US Midwest electric company. I've been setting poles and building power lines all my life. I did however want to be an astronaut when I was a kid but didn't have the smarts to mussels. I didn't miss a space launch by NASA or a episode of LIS or Star Trek either.


How interesting Dave, My father was a High voltage lineman who worked distribution and constructed high tower lines specializing in "stringing" using helicopters over the very mountainous terrain here in British Columbia. He has passed away 3 years ago now. He taught me how to climb poles which I then went on to be employed by the phone company working a mainframe for half my career and then "climbing poles". I highly respected him. So yes I can identify with your job ......and......your astronaut desire and Nasa launchs,Star Trek etc!...kindered spirits for sure!


I work for a company thats makes equipment to company like yours ,high voltage sticks.
I design and made high voltage testers,safety is my biggest item,each item has to be fully tested before it leaves the plant.
Also very high current testers up 1000 amps i design and made


Very cool robotmaker, your skills are really amazing. Yes I do remember my father using "hot sticks" on many jobs. When the power goes out we all rely on hydro lineman to restore it,often under adverse conditions! When I was working for the local phone company, testing for foreign voltages was important and we all carried yellow voltage testors that would turn red or green depending on the tested item. I do forget the company that made them Frown