BRET my friend i did some more work on my roborad project i bought some press fit screws to hold the same speaker you are using,just drill a hole and tighten the nut and it blends in to the plastic.

Also cut the hole for the laser and plasma ball,next is to make both be controlled by audio input (not voice) so it doesn't pick other sounds thats not needed.


RoboRad looks cool!
Hope you get back to building soon!
I will be back once I get my 3d printer working the way I want.


Hopefully things will settle down around the house now so I can get back to my robots. I hope to finish up Gunslinger Bob and Robo Rad pretty soon. Then I will start my new bot and do some much needed repair work to Mini-B.


RoboRAD is now for Sale. He needs to be completed but everything is there and included except a battery. He has the plasma ball, laser light show, cool speakers, and is nearly ready for your next party. If you are interested in him, please email me at


Very Cool!;

What motors did you use to update the motors?


omnibot 2000 motors


Ah....Thanx Bret. I'm working on my RAD base and trying to learn from all you PRO ROBOsSmile