That thing looks pretty damn awesome. Get the wires all permed and she's gona look like a prom queen, haha. Now I don't know if there is any sort of camera present in the stock head, I'm assuming not as DJ also took off the head, but that camera looks like it was made to be where his head is.


DJ has the camera mounted on one side of the robot,i like inside the head,on robosapien v1 you cant ,but on robosapien V2 you can

But on BRETS design is also look cool


He needs to get red pipe cleaners and make a Mohawk for it Winky


Ohhh, I like that. RoHawk


sparkfun is selling pipe tubes and all you need is a led RED ,so it will look like a mohawk

I use the pipe tubes alot


Sounds like something off a Tony Hawk game. Make a skateboard chassis for him, haha.


I LIKE THIS GUY ,he is funny


Soon I will be able to get back to RoboRAD. He too had a little damage in the move (cosmetic), the hardest thing will be to find all my parts haha.


Hope to see some cool stuff done to it,looks like everyone is buying a house and moving.
Looking to buy a big house near the lake for $200k this weekend