So I have been taking a break from bot building to work on setting up my new bot building room. Still a work in progress but here are some pics. The work station:
User-inserted image
A window:
User-inserted image
My bots hanging out:
User-inserted image
Here they all are, watching me work - hey, to the left that looks like "a bot and his dog" - sorry for the early Don Johnson reference but I couldn't resist.
User-inserted image
And finally I decided to add a picture - this is downtown Albuquerque in the 1960's when I was just a lad there.
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Way more organized than me!


Looks very nice Brett. All coordinated and roomy... unlike
my "Bot Cave" Smile

You have a good collection of robots as well.




AHHH Im stuck in link loop! hehe

I like your workspace. I hope to have a place like that whenever I get back.


I like your work space there. Mine is a mess lol...

I think your RAD base would look much better if those stickers can be removed, so it will be white to match the top body, or paint over with black color.


Oh ya its a pain in the butt to get the stickers off. Only one rad bot I was able to peel the stickers off in large pieces.


Well, first things first. I removed the cup holder.
User-inserted image
Then cleaned up the opening.
User-inserted image


While I had the old decals soaking in a cleaner, I decided to work on my camera mount. I am going to use the mounting plate from the original bracket.
User-inserted image
I used a servo horn from the servo I will be using to adapt to the mounting plate.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
After cutting it down I was able to super glue it into the mounting plate.
User-inserted image
Then attach that to the servo.
User-inserted image
And finally attach that to the camera housing.
User-inserted image
That will provide the pan to my camera. Next I will mount a servo to the side of this little servo for up and down movement. This whole thing will replace the head on Robosapien.


I also started taking Robosapien apart for my modifications. I needed to remove the leg motors and the old head/neck. I am going to use the lights and sensor though to add to my new head/camera.
User-inserted image