Gunslinger Bob - Bob Gets An Upgrade


Not much progress to report, just further dismantling and test fitting of a Robbie Sr. topper Josh gave me. It fits like it was made for it! Now I can do a cool head on a pan and tilt like the rest of you guys. I have the old RAD 1.0 head (I love the design) and I think I am going to see how that looks. I'll take some pics tonight and post for comments or suggestions.


okay, this is what I am thinking for Gunslinger Bob's new look. What do you guys think?

User-inserted image
That's some flexible duct for the neck to I can do a pan tilt.
User-inserted image
Over all I think it works and really changes the look of Bob. But is it the best look for Bob? Comments, suggestions?


Personally I would get the head low as possible and only do left right pan w no tilt. If you really want the cam to be able to angle up theres ways to do that without tilting the whole head backwards. If you could drop the head 2 inches I think it would look sick.


I think I can do that no problem. So just do rotation on the head and tilt the camera on the inside? That will work. So you like the head on this torso? Also, I can paypal you some cash today - to your email address?


Thanks bud . Yea I think it will look cool provided you lower the heads height a couple inches.


Here is the latest cannon for Gunslinger Bob - a Nerf Speedswarm. Only 10 darts but good enough. Only question now is where to mount it on Bob? In the chest like Josh's, or make it one of his arms so he has the airsoft machine gun on one side and the nerf cannon on the other?
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Make it an arm so you can aim..... take those yellow side pieces off and mount that bad boy to a servo. Runs on 6 volts Winky


That's what I was thinking too! But I did need input from my bot building bud! I also have this tread system coming in to replace the wheels on Bob.
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I'll use the new drive motors you gave me with the stock gear box (I might do a little tweaking with the gears for speed, not sure yet).


Started modding the base of Bob today. Cut out the swivel well and will fill the hole. Then I removed the gear box so I can install my vex tread kit.
User-inserted image


Now I have original omnibot gearbox and tires if anyone wants them. The treads are good and so are all the gears. There are NO motors as I have used them in another project, but if you need replacement gears or wheels, here you go. Email me and we can talk a deal.