Meet " Squeegee" , The Flooring Mopping Robot , Modified Radioshack Robie Jr


Mmmmmm, Pololu.

I love Pololu. Great little boards.


Here is info from

Current Sense IC

This ~$5 chip, using a really tiny resistor and a built in high gain amplifier, outputs a voltage in proportion to the current passing through it. Put the chip in series with what you want to measure, and connect the output to a data logging device such as a microcontroller.

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This particular schematic below can measure current use of a servo. But it can easily measure current from any other device with no modification - and even multiple items simultaneously too! The capacitor is optional as it acts as a voltage buffer, ensuring maximum continuous current.

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Another link to look at that talks about current sensing.

Link to a current sensor by


Adafruit do a board too, I ordered one to test out on Melvin or Jarvis (and if it works well I'll get another). Simple breakout board, nothing fancy, INA169 Analog DC Current Sensor Breakout


Josh, do you still have that extra Robie Jr remote? I just bought my son a Robie Jr and it didn't come with one.


Dude I love ur squggie robot its really awesome and very usefull I'd love to have one in my home much better than Iroomba