Meet " Squeegee" , The Flooring Mopping Robot , Modified Radioshack Robie Jr


Hey Josh, I was thinking that since this is really just a little service bot that will run on sensors, do you really even need the camera? If you wanted to use it to see what he's cleaning or so you can control what he's cleaning, maybe you should put it low and pointed at the floor. Just a thought.

I was also thinking maybe you could use a swiffer wet jet. That way you would have a refillable cleaning solution and pads.


Yea your probably right on not actually needing a camera. It could run blind with a sonar. I will consider using swiffer pads but they do not work as well as one would think. So lets scrap the idea of the cam in the dome and I will just mount the ezb inside the dome like a brain Smile


Ok I ditched the cam idea. So far parts list include

dc blower for drying floor
ezb cooling fan
Liquid tank
6V water pump
Absorbant reusable shammy
Servo ext cables
6V 4.5 ah battery
Squeegee right behind shammy
One servo
Ultrasonic ping sensor
L298n h bridge @6v
Possibly replace original motors with continuous servos
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Man I like this design a lot. Do you need any of these parts? I have the sonar, some PIR detectors, and a squirrel cage type cooling fan from a computer that may work for your drying unit. I will take a pic and upload it. I also have some servos. A nice mini-servo would work well for that sonar and I do have some quality ones.
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Found the shammy I think will work. It is made for the shark steam mop and is washable. On the back is Velcro which makes attaching fresh shammies super easy.
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That pack should make a weeks worth of shammies using it every day.


Ok im putting the cam idea back on the table. I saw the glyph video and realized it would be useful for self charging after cleaning for a designated amount of time. Also im considering having 2 batteries instead of one. Hmmm next step is making the water tank and mount for ezb and cam.


I think I found the pump I want. There are a few reasons it is ideal. First is that it runs on 6 volts , second its very small just a inch wide and third is the pump is submersible so I can mount the pump inside the water tank to save room.
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Ok revamping the sketch. Pump is inside the tank and cam readded.


Tonight I may start modding the base.
-cut original battery box out
-glue battery door in place
-cut out the caster
-cut out the rear slider and fill with epoxy
-slice the damaged tire off
- carefully remove good tire in case I will use it later

At this time I am considering using 4 continuous servos and 4 of EZ Robots tires to replace to old loud drive system. Lucky me those can also run at 6 volts. Two wheels on each side means the robot no longer is balancing on one wheel on each side. I will update the sketch of more smaller wheels to reflect this idea.