Rad 2.0 Mech Warrior #3 Air Soft And Nerf Missiles


Ok this is the third of a trio of robots made to run around outside with first person view ez robot wireless cameras. Each has airsoft automatic guns and some kind of dart launcher.
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Airsoft guns and electronic nerf darf launcher came in today! Well 2 of the airsoft guns there are two more coming.
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Each robot will have a front and back target panel which will register hits from airsoft and dart fire! Panel s are 4" x 4" and unobstructed by any kind if limbs or shields.


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The rad 2.0 arrived today! First thing I know I must mod is cutting out the cup holder. This is so I have room for a larger battery and additional electronics Smile


Woohoo all 4 cyber airsoft electric automatic guns are here! They hold 1500 bbs for each hopper if one robot had 4 guns thats 6000 rounds without a reload Smile I must check rules on this but if its not allowed I will keep 2 guns as spare parts.


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Quad gun . Dual wielding with ten dart launcher in the chest
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Dual guns w ten dart launcher
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Thanks to gunner this robot will get the ir filter removed from the ez robot cam whenever I get my shipment of ezb equipment. I have 4 cams on the way. The two lights thst are on the side of rad robots head im going to use for ir illumination with several ir leds in each one.


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My RAD needs nurf guns now!
3 shots are not enough.
Airsoft guns on a RAD is a great idea!
Lucky I have 2 RAD robots to play with.
Now to order more EZ-Robot boards!
I need to finish my humanoid first, and I aready started on an android using an Elvis alive head.
So much fun with robots.
Make sure you post some RAD pictures!