Help ?longer Range Bluetooth Replacement For Ezb?


I have found these that resembles the Bluetooth unit on ezb. They claim some long range in comparison of Bluetooth and better wall penetration due to lower frequency. Dj can you take a look and see if this is compatible solution. I will post all the info I find to make this easier.


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i don't see why that won't work Smile


Great I just wanted a trained eye to take a look in case I missed a incompatible feature. The. L ower 418 -455 mhz frequency signal range is excellent to improve signal propogation through walls , houses and trees. I only know Rf because I work at a cell company and my roomate does sat com,


Admit it, we only know these things because we're absolute nerds Grin Hence why we met on a robot website! lol

I'd be interested to see how they work. You'll need make a little adapter board, or simply solder wires to insert into the EZ-B communication port connector. The connection on that board you displayed have a different pinout - but as long as the wires are connected to their appropiate pins on the connection header, you'll be great!

You'll only need the 4 wires of the connection header (+5, GND, RX, TR) Grin


Ha ha thats true Epic Nerds Smile but I enjoy every minute of it. We will see how well they work. Thanks!


wow that is insane range! are you going to try it with your boards? its even perfect in that it comes with a pair. Im interested to see if it will work so that my robot may have a connection anywhere in the house


Thats cool robot56 . I will test it out. Im sure realistic range with walls is much less but it should give you all the range you need..