Rad 1.0 Mechwarrior #2 Nerf Darts And Airsoft Guns


This is the second outdoor fun entry level mech warrior. This is following begginer level competition rules from mech warriors.com which is a competition ran by trossen robotics. Rules indicate the robot must have a torso and a first person view camera in the torso or head following the ideal that is where a pilot would be if the robot was built to real life scale. Then you can remotely control the robot against other robots in a real life video game! The first robot has already been started and is 80 percent done and my little sister was jealous and she wants her own robot to play with the guys. Three competitors should be more fun so three ez robot cameras are in the way and servos for their gun arms.


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I spent spare time at work removing the old 1995 faded stickers in preperation for a new paint job. My little sister loves bright frog green like mel so I was thinking of doing camouflage but with a brighter base color green..


You're going to be able to start your own mech warrior league lol.


Exactly! Lol we will have three total. It should be fun


My bosses playing with the Rad Robot at work..

I also found that dry erase board cleaner removed stickers without leaving any residue.
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Hey Josh the vid is set as private. :/


Sigh. My mobile app shows it is uploaded but I cant edit it. Then I log in the website and it doesnt even have the video avail to edit preferences like I never uploaded it :/


Its fixed!


I would just like to point out that there are no connectors in the rad. Every connection is soldered so I had to cut all the wires to get each section apart. I am possibly thinking of cutting out the cup holder to make room for a battery but we will see later. Here is rad taken apart minus the arms...

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The rad 1.0 looks more feminine than rad 2.0 I have on the way. Since this is a girls mech warrior robot ofcourse it gets a different flavor of paint job....
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