Farscape Droid Pet Robot Kit Perfect For Ez Robot


It's funny when your watching a show and think, "Hey I wonder if anyone has tried to make a DRD that works?"; and when you look up images, you get a link to EZ-Robot. Grin

Just making an observation that people might find EZ-Robot even when not looking for it. Winky


Haha , that's very true! I found ez robot the same way. The forums are a magnet.


That is so awesome! I am going to 3d print one immediately!


Hahaha , nice , if you 3d model one for print on the makerbot do you mind sharing it Winky ? I just printed "Moya" the starship a couple weeks ago
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Lol, I just tried to look for a "Like" button on these posts, Farscape is great!


@DJ - print one out to fit over a Roomba. It will look cool and be practical. You can have it kick'n around the office for more entertainment on the web cams.


i'll put it in the EZ-Cloud soon as we design it!


Sweetness , this will be fun!


I hope this gets done. I sure would like to build one.