Meet "dusty ", Modded Omnibot 4 Home Security Cam, Vacuum , Air Filter,sanitize


I could do etched plexiglass floating mounts for the electronics. My only concern is to not make it so bright it reflects off the inside of the dome preventing the camera from seeing out. As long as dusty can see then it sounds cool. I'll draw up a idea or two and post it , you tell me what you think.


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Im sick today so no working on robots. Good news though! The 340mm servo ext wires came in which are needed for both projects to hookup sensors , hbridge, and servos =)


I like the name "Dusty" I think it suits him!


Thanks brett , i named him after a smaller tomy robot that vacuums your desk named dusty.
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Cute little guy


Omnibot dome came in!
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Josh, Hope you are better soon. I had a question to ask about the wires that you got in. Are they heavy duty (not cheap and flimsy like the ones I ordered.) Where did you get them? I got mine off of Ebay. They were the cheapest ones. I got like a hundred for $10 with shipping. Not worth it , though.


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Ok so I dug up some new speaker grills to cover the fan holes. I will cut the hole later . I Just get bored being sick.


Being sick is poopie.

I have a little annoying bot that looks like the one that vacuums your desk. But this one I think is called Hi.Q and it is a line chaser. I'd like a little one that vacuums. That would be cute.


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Another ezb on the way! Dusty gets his brain soon.


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