Meet "dusty ", Modded Omnibot 4 Home Security Cam, Vacuum , Air Filter,sanitize


Thanks guys! The good news is I've only lost the ability to blink from the mod but I believe I can mount a micro servo on the bottom and use a pushrod to move them instead. Even if I ditch blinking its not a big deal , robots don't need to blink anyways lol.


I like that he has a blue Mohawk now ! All the plastic that was in the center that held LEDs is gone now so you can see through to the PCB of the camera.


That's a great idea. Maybe put 3-4 LEDs lighting it from different directions but make them flash randomly when he is thinking or concentrating.
I wouldn't add anything to bright though. Use low current LEDs.


Ah , I like that




OK tiny update. I believe I have decided to put the ezb in the drawer but I'm still fitting things. I'm concerned about the position of a ultrasonic sensor mostly. I'm gonna think about it a couple hours and get back at it.