, Cyler Omnibot /rad 2.0 W Airsoft Guns


I found out recently that there are leagues of robots out there that do miniature first person and autonomous battles with nerf and airsoft weapons. I wanted to do a robot specifically with my little Brother that would really keep his interest and not be nearly as complicated as the Jarvis project. The walking bipedal is not avail from Dj yet but the good news is beginner class may have tracks or wheels! So this means cyler (this projects tag name at the moment) is eligible to compete. Ironically the local airport league also allows robots to play with people. The torso is a omnibot style , specifically a robie sr. I picked up a rad 2.0 base which will get 12v power making this robot practically all-terrain.
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This is my thread for this robot as I don't want to clutter up my larger thread. We have 2 airport guns on the way. Both have a 30 yard range , use 6mm bb .12 gram or others , 120fps , fully auto electric can and plunger and best of all..... 1500 round capacity per hopper. So he can carry 3000 rounds.


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Ok this is the cyber fully auto soft air , air soft gun. I found them for 20 each. IM just mounting them to pan brackets for aiming and I believe we talked about using a PS3 Bluetooth controller. I already played with this airport gun. We set out light bulbs and shot at them about 15 ft away , the bb went right through them.


I think we will make this guy partially autonomous , I think there are awesome possibilities with Ezrobot controller. , I already discussed this with my Brother and this robot is getting military style camouflage! If anyone has suggestions on making a effective camouflage that would be great. Also IM looking for options to make the robot quiet and stealthy. IM considering removing the rad motors and putting in continuous servos. That's a bit ahead but you get the idea.


LOL - speaking from some prior experience with airsoft gone wrong Smile think kill switch Tongue

I used the luxmotion 2X2 base and mounted an air-soft similar to the one above with a camera through the sight for targeting.

The servo i was using to control the trigger broke in the fire position leaving it shooting at everything including me.

One of those Yikes moments. One thing I changed shortly after was to drop the airsoft gun and use compressed air for stealthier attack.


Josh I love this project!


HI Josh

A very good urban cam is dark grey with light grey stripes.

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This is from my war hammer 40k fortress . ( turrets ).


Yay the second cyberstrike airsoft gun just arrived today. Tonight i may do the camo paint job


Oh fyi this guns trigger is literally a on switch for the firing mechanism. So all i need is to make a switching transister to control the firing. im guessing firing would be right and left trigger on the controller.


HI Josh

What functions are you thinking of making autonomous .