Project Armadeus


It looks like you have a few linear actuators. What was the model and price and where did you get them?

The rest seems pretty standard stuff. But, BOY do you have talent!

P.S. Sorry, my bad. You listed it earlier. Duh!



I wanted to know how you did to connect the module xbee on controller ez-b.
And on computer ? How to program ?



Replacing the Bluetooth with an XBee Pro was relatively simple. On the EZ_B side I used a Parallax XBee SIP Adapter (#32402) with one of the XBee Pro modules. I made a simple 4 conductor cable for interfacing the SIP adapter to the Bluetooth module connector on the EZ-B board. The Parallax Adapter can handle the extra power required when using the 60mW XBee pro modules.

Connect V+ on the EZ-B to the +5V pin of the SIP adapter
Connect Gnd on the EZ-B to the GND of the SIP adapter
Connect Tx on the EZ-B to the DOUT pin of the SIP adapter
Connect Rx on the EZ-B to the DIN pin of the Sip adapter

On the PC side (Windows 7) I used a Sparkfun XBee USB Explorer board with the other XBee Pro module. The Sparkfun site has links for the USB drivers and the X-CTU Configuration & Test Utility Software from Digi. Install the USB drivers first, then run the X-CTU software. I followed the instructions in the X-CTU user guide and things went smoothly. If you change any of the default parameters you need to make identical changes to both modules, with one module at a time connected to the PC side. I did change one of the ID parameters. The documentation from Digi is excellent.

The only problem I had with the XBee setup was when I needed to update the EZ-B firmware from V15 to V16. I had to temporarily reinstall the Bluetooth module to update the firmware, then replace the Bluetooth with the XBee and reconnect. I also had to change the channel on my 2.4GHz video transmitter to the highest frequency to avoid interference with the XBee.

Good luck with the conversion.



Thanks for the explication :-)
I see things more clearly.
Can you recommend me a xbee pro module particularly ?



I'm using the 60mW XBee Pro with the chip antenna at the EZ-B end on my robot and a 60mW XBee Pro with a wire antenna on the PC side. I have not tried any other module configurations. This combination works well for me.



@Jim Milan

What range do you get with the XBee? Thanks.



I haven't really tested the range anywhere near the theoretical limit. So far it has worked fine over a distance of several hundred feet with the PC indoors and the robot outside.



motors you are using look like ones i bought for full size R2-D2 using ,i know they take a lot of power\

NICE job on your design too