Can The Ez Robot Board Directly Control A Wheelchair Controller?


Hi All,

New Builder here.

Does anyone know if its possible to directly connect the EZ Robot board to a wheelchair controller? I have a complete Pride Mobility Jet 3 wheelchair (used to be Mom's). I also have a life size Lost in Space Robot (aka: B9 Robot, aka: 'The G-bot') that my Son and I built a few years ago. While we have had much fun with it over the years, I was never able to complete his drive section and/or make him semi autonomous and mobile. Currently it has some animation and I control it (essentially manually) from a tethered pc.

I am very excited with the EZ Robot kit and have the G-bot dismantled awaiting his upgrades!

Of course $$ are not unlimited so I am exploring all options. I originally was planning to remove the gear motors from the wheelchair and purchase a sabertooth 2x60 motor controller to connect to the EZR. Of course researching that, the 2x60 sabertooth is not cheap and it occurred to me the chair has a controller but I don't want joystick control I want it integrated with the EZR. I am not sure if what I wish to do is possible or -if it is- if its within my technical capabilities.

Any comments, help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


PS, As this is my first post other than my intro, please let me know if this type of question is outside the scope of this forum.

Thanks in advance! (Hope some of you enjoy the video)


Ahhhh, my favorite robot of all time. I am building a mini version from the 2 foot remote controlled toy . I have read in the forums where one person took the joystick controller for the wheelchair and just hooked up two servos to it, and those were controlled by the EZ-B. That is the simplest way. I am sure there is an electronic way, I just don't know it.

I love your B9.


Hmmm. So simple, it never occurred to me... I'd rather have an electric solution but I'm not above a little 'creative engineering'.



At the top of the Community page you can do a keyword search - I think there are some electronic solutions on here somewhere.


Hello Gwen welcome along
Recently I modified my second motorised electric wheelchair to be controlled by EZ-B
While I would have preferred to take the joystick controller apart and use some type of interface
I decided after some research to simply use two servo motors which I connected directly to the joystick now I even have voice control of the motors.
The controller I have has an integrated joystick ,while the controller and joystick in your wheelchair are possible seperate, it may be possible to take it apart and interface.

While you could add seperate controllers for the motors, remember you have possibly one of the most advanced controllers already in your chair

only components necessary, 2 servo motors which connect directly to Ez-b


Hi Pat, Thanks so much for your reply. I hoped to interface directly but I'm certainly not above the 'creative engineering' solution. It's looking more & more like that will be the way to go. There doesn't seem to be any specs available on the web...

Do you have any pictures, notes or other documentation that might help me figure out how to make two servos move the joystick through it's full range on both axis?

Thanks in advance!



I too was trying to make a remote control wheelchair. Like yourself, I considered using the Sabertooth but thought, why not try and use the controller on the chair. I worried about hacking the joystick/controller and burning it up, as it was important to me to keep the chair fully functional as someday these old bones might need it ... lol. I did run across several ideas but while looking into it I found this site and put the chair on the back burner. EZ Robot is such a GREAT product I just had to have one and now I'm hooked. I do plan on getting back to the chair this winter.
Here is a link you might be interested in reading. In this project a guy hacks into a joystick/controller (same one I have) and shows how he did it. Maybe you can get some ideas out of it.

Below is a picture of one way to use servos to control a joystick. Thought about using this setup myself or at least giving it a try. I planned on taking the joystick out and mount it on some plexiglass along with the servos. Don't know how it would work but it sure seems simple enough to try.

User-inserted image

Anyway, please keep us up to date on your project.

Herr Ball


The direct alternative is use a high amperage motor controller. The Sabertooth 2x25 is an excellent choice for wheelchair motors and some of the users here have some experience with it, and I believe the latest EZ-Builder version even has a Sabertooth Movement Panel specifically for this board (I have had to set my project aside for a couple of months, but plan on starting up again in a few weeks, and this is the direction I am using. Have the motors and wheels, but no Joystick).

You could also use two Parallax HB25's as controllers, and they look just like Modified Servos to EZ-Builder. There are some other choices, but those are the best I have seen at a decent price point (<$125).



I just re-read your first post and see that you looked at the Sabertooth 2x60. 2x25 should be sufficient for wheelchair motors and costs a lot less. I have never heard of anyone needing 60 amps except for ultra-heavyweight battle bots where you need both high weight handling and high speed.