Compass Compatibility With Ez builder


Hi , I have been shopping for sensors and reading about 2d mapping using.radar.extra.and I also read on some random sites that a good electronic compass is a good addition to get your robot correct orientation if it deviated from a original path avoiding a object or if the little guy.just.just drive perfectly straight. are these compass modules your.robot which.direction to.go.or slightly correct.itself? I apologize for all the random periods because I just bought a new Samsung galaxy note and IM still getting use to it. The auto correct is changing words to what it thinks I should have said I guess lol


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This one is under 20 dollars and has self calibration, user defined zero.position. look at this and if ezb can read the signal in a useful way?


I like the LEDs around the edge showing the direction. Its hard to say if its straightforward to intergrate to the EZB it doesn't say anywhere that I can find that its I2C probably isn't.

The Sure Electronics DC-SS503V100 already added by DJ to EZB is a better bet but difficult to obtain now as it looks like discontinued stock (in the UK in any case)

The device I like is SparkFun Compass Module - HMC6352 Product Code: SEN-07915 which has I2C and all the documentation perhaps someone on here has already added it to EZB or has another opinion


Found this Arduino code for it. (Might point us in the right direction) ;-)

Looks like it is serial, so it should work with the EZ-B if configured correctly.

void setup()
void loop()
int i;
compass c;,3);


Here's an Ebay link for the one DJ uses, orded mine a few weeks ago.

the link


Thanks budeI0 looks like its from China let us know when you get it please


budel0 go! I was not able to find it on ebay and here it is! I'm also waiting to see if it works well, I guess that somehow affect the magnetic fields of the speakers if they are located near the sensor.
I have also read in the tutorial DJ i2c connection cables must be short.


I find it ironic it comes from "sure" electronics. Lol
It took me a few minutes but I found the English version so I could 15 dollars is not a bad price.
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So I must use code there's no EZ builder option for a I've compass?



I bought the cheap sure compass. EZBuilder has a support for it. it draws a compass on the screen and shows you what direction you are headed in. It works great. And, if it doesn't you have a place to calibrate it. this is all automatically built into EZB. But, I believe, you MUST get the I2C version of the SURE compass.
D.J. would know whether a digital or analog version would work. But, this one works Great. He even has a video on it.

Hope that this helped,