Status LED fail



Yesterday i was driving around with my robot powered by EZ-B when it got stuck in forward (not the software but the ez-b itself) and i couldn't stop it, i rebooted and it got stuck in turning.

Now i powered it up but the Bluetooth module light won't come on, then it finally came on and everything works as normal but the status led doesn't work. not even when i try to turn it on in EZ-Builder *blush*


I had the same problem. My robot got stuck in forward and wouldn't stop until I turned it off. Since then it hard to connect to the EZB, it never really connects the first time for me any more.

I suspected my problem to be with my Bluetooth adapter, but if you have the same issue maybe its more then that.


I have EXACTLY the same problem!


OK this is good, DJ Sures we need answers! Tongue

Here is a full list of what happens to me:
- EZB connects the first time.
- I have a little fun controlling and testing various sensors and servos.
- Then when I test my movement, I get stuck in either forward or reverse.
- The robot will not stop going forward or reverse until it is turned off.
- When I try to re-connect, I get an error saying "Could not connect to EZB"
- This error comes up until I either re-boot EZ-Builder, or re-booting the Bluetooth module on my EZB.
- Then I get stuck in reverse/forward, Or the EZB just disconnects randomly.

Lyron, are you getting the same sequence?


The exact same happens to me, except mine got stuck in turning and my status led doesn't work anymore..


OK, well unfortunately there is noting we can do until DJ gets back on. Hopefully he will have some words of advice to correct this problem.

OH Lyron! I forgot to ask. Is your PING sensor detecting objects using the Object control? Mine says there is an odject 64 inches ahead...but in reality my hand is no more than 3 inches ahead. Do you get this too?


I had the same things one time with reverse and an other time on left.
But did you all notice the same it is always when the battery or accu pack is used for a while.
Say 15 to 20 minuts with the bat-pack


Pabi!o I usually get this problem just after a minute or two after connection. And I always use the battery pack with a (currently) fresh batch of battery's.


I just discovered something interesting...If I unplug the PING sensor from the the EZ-Builder it still says there is an object 64 inches ahead... what's up with that!


That's because if it sends a signal and nothing is connected, it doesn't get anything back so it maxes out (i think 64 inches is the maximum distance you can measure in EZ-Builder)