Radio Shack Robie Meets Roomba


Whoa, I'm gonna assume you're talking to robotmaker lol. I bought my first one on ebay for $40. Since then,I've found 3 at the goodwill in seattle for$30 each. Of course they have bad batteries and no charger. Now I have two 400's , a first gen roomba pro, and a roomba pro elite. They all had the same problem, they just needed cleaned lol...but I'm not selling any of mine lol


YES JOSH,but depends on what you wanted extra ,like a deck mount,or second battery upgrade with charger design or upgrade motor with double the torque ,i have 50 4200 series roomba's right now
12 inch round deck is from zagros about $10 i mounted it for $12.50 total


Baby steps here. I added pan and tilt to my camera and added a light. I have the personality generator running to give him random head movements. I also set up a couple scripts so now the personality generator is paused whenever tracking is acquired. Lovin this new software update:-)


Ha ha ha. , I happened to watch you video while visiting my mother. She said she liked your robot riding the other , Yeehaw!


This is one cool little bot!


yes it looks good,havent work out what i am going to do with both of my radio shack ROBIE
Missing my robots at home,about 3 weeks to go till i get back in usa Frown *stress*


@ Kenny Storm: good job! always a pleasure to see a video of a robot made by a member of the community, and I like the robot's mouth, smiling, gives a lot of personality. I missed you just one thing: to see how the cat catches the chain that leads into the hands ha ha.