Radio Shack Robie Meets Roomba


i would get the roomba first and use EZB software to get use to using it and have time to remove all the vacuum parts inside it,save the wires of the motors it comes in handy for controlling other stuff with your roomba


This is an Exciting project.


Well, *was* going to be an exciting project...Jer361 is already doing the Romnibot, I can't afford a roomba, so I've bailed on this one for now. I just ordered my EZ-B today, its going in my Robophilo instead, many thanks to DJ for making the auto position featureGrin I'll post videos of "Phil" when i get him walkingGrin


I got one of my roombas for only $4 at goodwill on a saturday, 50% off. You might try it. Maybe you CAN afford a roomba.


wow MEL i got the same roomba at my goodwill a few blocks from me for $6 and when i charged it work great,battery still good,GOODWILL and THRIFT STORES are great place to find robots toys cheap


Yeh, I wanted to let him know that he COULD afford a Roomba. It is going to be a SIN not to combine those to bots together as originally planned.


Wow, its been awhile. Yes, MovieMaker, it would be a sin not to combine them...So I did it Grin Got a Roomba for $30 at goodwill, then spent $40 on a new battery. This was a great idea, and this first vid is just the start Grin I've got much more modifying to do lol


THAT ws a high price to pay for a roomba ,but aleast you got one,i could easy sell you one of mine for less then $30 with shipping

but the video looks great


He's so cool! I love him!


Your selling functional roombas for 30 bucks?