Trouble Updating To Firmware V16.0


I've been trying to update the firmware from version 15.8 to 16.0. After the Boot Loader progress bar finishes nothing happens. The screen messages stop. Two previous firmware updates went without any problems.

Attempting connection to COM9
EZ-B reports EZ-B Firmware V15.8
Starting Keep-Alive
Keep-Alive Disabled
Starting Boot Loader...

sending ping
sending ping
sending bootloader
I am EZ-B BootLoader. Gimmie Firmware!

Updating... (22,656 Bytes)


Have you watched the tutorial video? If so, is anything different? For example, does the LED start flashing while the bar is moving, etc?



The LED only flashes while the screen message is being displayed. After the message is displayed the LED stays on and the progress bar moves.



Does the led flicker while the progresss bar moves?



No. The LED only flashes during Starting Boot Loader... and stops flashing and stays on after sending ping.



Do you have the native Microsoft Bluetooth stack?



I'm not using Bluetooth. I replaced the Bluetooth module with an XBee setup months ago. I did a loopback test on the Xbee modules and they tested ok.



Is the baud rate set to 9600 on the port?



Yes, 9600. The Rx and Tx LEDs on the XBee module connected to the EZB seem to indicate some type of timeout or loss of communication shortly after the progress bar finishes.




Out of desperation I reinstalled the Bluetooth module and was able to update to V16.0 with no issues. After updating I replaced the Bluetooth with my XBee Pro modules and my EZ Builder project works as expected. I don't have any explanation why I could not update the firmware via the XBee connection. Thank you for taking the time to help me debug the problem. It was very much appreciated.


Jim Milan