I2C thoughts...


...from the newbie...
Can each digital port send I2C? Because I saw some I2C servo controllers that handle multiple servos. Could this expand the number of servos (or H-bridges) controlled?


I2C allows chaining (a network) of devices. You only need one I2C interface to control 112 devices per bus. Smile

That is why the EZ-B has only one I2C interface


Smile Im determined to get a cybie to work with EZ-B. Smile Somehow.
hmmmm maybe I will think of something....Ive got a good feeling on this. It just wont be a level 1 project i think but I just KNOW this could be awesome if I can control it wireless with LAPTOP brains and new sensors. Grin
But alas...mobility first....


Man I hope you take a lot of pics of the Cybie Smile

What kind of servos are you thinking of using?


LOL there will be no evidence of the failures. Actually I bought 2 cybies. One to totally autopsy and practice on and if all goes well I would make an instructible. (Crediting DJ Sures EZ-B) Smile
IDK about the servos. Id love to see the insides and replace those noisy gears and motors. Even if it was only a little quieter. Looking at pix on the internet I may have to keep the gear set up and put quieter motors in. Soooo...there will still be the problem of too many digital signals gobbled up for that many H-Bridges. Im still wondering if there is a ready interface solution to using a servo control pulse to create the needed HL LH LL for the H-bridge.
Like ... pulses high...rotate clockwise (HL)...pulses low...rotate counter clockwise (LH)....no pulses...stop(LL)..
That way only one servo port needed to control one H-Bridge. Thoughts?


How many hbridges are on the i cybie?

There are 20 i/o on the ez-b...

Each motor would take 2 i/o of the ez-b (for your hh, hl, lh, ll)

You "could" look into which hbridges are ALWAYS going to be on at the same time and double up the connections, but i don't know how much that is worth to you? It'd be a lot of work to save only a few i/o

If you used 20 i/o, you deserve some sort of magical prize because that's the most anyone has used on an ez-b. i've never come close Smile


There are 16 Half H bridges. For 16 motors but only 12 are for the legs. Im trying to find what that Half H circuit looks like. lol I have NO idea what Im getting into.
Prize for 20 IO? Not if its ALL H bridges because that means i really moved 10 motors and no DI/O for other stuff!


I found a tiny bit more data here. Not easy to find but OH so VERY interesting!


After I got some sleep and took a step back I thought about it more simply. Why not take a cheap servo apart for the circuitry and reassemble its controllers and potentiometers in the robot. Option 1 keep the same motors already there. Option 2 shop around for internal servo motors that just might be quieter and can use ez-b power source.

and guess what....sigh....after a few hours more digging through the internet there is a picture of EXACTLY what Im talking about.



Whoa, if you're willing to do that! Hats off to you Smile It will take some real cool engineering to mount the pot and motor shaft, etc. But when you get it going, I bet it will be awesome.

I'm constantly impressed of the engineering that you guys are all doing. I know I "hack" things together pretty quickly. But nothing I do is very complicated (except maybe making the ez-b haha). My mechanics are hot glue gun and screws and a dremel.

Hats off to your confidence!